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At the occasion of my retirement, the following letter was sent to friends, fellow economists and partners in professional cooperations:

On November 30, 2013 I retired from my position as deputy director general and head of economic policy section of the Austrian Chamber of Labour. The Austrian and the European economy underwent profound changes during the four decades which have passed since I joined the Chamber’s economic research department in 1972. After the golden age of post-war economic development came to an end in the 70’ies of the last century, economic policy was confronted with increasingly difficult challenges to achieve its principal goals. That key indicators for the economy of Austria have performed better than those of most European countries, can to a significant part be attributed to the particular concept which has guided Austria’s economic policies after 1975. I take great pride in having participated in this work through the functions which I came to fulfill in various institutions during my professional career.
Even though I will now have more time to devote myself to the reading of works of literature, history, philosophy and music, I feel still as an economist. My interest is now directed mainly to the history of economic theory. I believe that the present crisis of economic theory is due to a many-decade maldevelopment. Hence, it appears promising to go back a long way to a crossroads at which the choice for this aberration occurred which has become the dominating mainstream. Of course I will continue to monitor the economic policies with great attention. If anyone should be interested in my views and opinions, I will be glad to offer my knowledge and experience. Also, the participation in projects is conceivable for me if the topic fits my interests and work focus.
Who is interested in my future publications, please, notify me by e-mail. About future as well as on my previous publications you may visit my website As far as possible published and unpublished papers are available for download.
Many thanks for fruitful encounters and good co-operation – cordially yours,

Günther Chaloupek

My future contact details are:
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Phone: +43-1- (0) 664-4512235
Postal address: Linzer Strasse 277 RH8, A-1140 Vienna, Austria